Aleph is multi-purpose furniture inspired from a box.
This furniture is for people who live alone or live in small spaces where they don’t need many types of furniture.
For them, old-fashioned furniture brings constraint of space and financial burden.
On the other hand, Aleph shows maximum technological efficiency while taking up minimum space.
This furniture consists of boxes, lids and wooden-sticks of different measurements, so that the user can decide its composition to their own favor.
And so the chosen boxes can be used as furniture with a different purpose, or can just be used for storage.
This makes it easier to utilize the space productively, convenient to move or store and also more economic.
Smaller boxes are 25cm high and are suitable for low tables. Larger boxes are 45cm high and are useful as stools or side tables.
The two boxes are designed to form a desk once combined, with the height of 70cm.
The measurements are marked on each boxes to help users utilize them easier.


Lives and works in Seoul, Koea.

Gyuyub Jo
+82 10-6283-6397